Passive Optical Network (PON)

Our experience in installing PON networks

We have been installing PON networks since 2016. Ufanet company has implemented its PON technology in 170 settlements (over 345 thousand households). The average percent of penetration in settlements, where Ufanet installed the networks, is 43%.


Our tools for achieving the goal:

  • Expert network designing
  • Well-thought-out technical solutions
  • Company in-house Development
  • The real “PON-plant”
  • Ready-made solutions for the communication node
  • Sophisticated designing
  • Fast and high-quality installation

Advantages of co-operating with Ufanet in implementing PON networks:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Minimum welding
  • High speed connection
  • Serviceability
  • Aesthetic

Network topology and installation technology

Compared to the traditional “Tree” topology “Bus” topology mostly allows using the single strand fiber cable, namely optical patch cords, for 90% * of the networks being installed.

Patch cords ensure:

— Minimum welding works

— Low cost installation

— Easy maintenance (connectors)


Our technical solutions and developments

Application of patch cords of our own production and of the reduced-weight multi-strand fibre cables ensuring static strength


Reduced-weight cable fittings and special-design brackets

img-2 img-22

Electronic equipment cabinets and brackets of our own design


Special-purpose solutions for communication nodes (containers, cooled & heated enclosures)


Ufanet “PON-plant”


Line assembly of the cabinets allowing to avoid on-site welding.


Polishing shop

Line production of single-strand fiber patch cords for installation purposes.


Terms of cooperation

— Cost depends on the amount of households and the scope of works


— photo survey of the required area using the quadrocopter

— visual inspection of the area

— visual inspection of the state of supports

— marking supports with GPS tracker


— network topology development

— project execution

— Cost according to the price list

— Installation of the equipment in the villages “turnkey” based by our employees