Products catalogs
Video surveillance
Smart IP intercoms Secret Top
and Secret Mini
An impressive solution
for apartment buildings.
Face Contour recognition
The neural network recognizes a resident with high accuracy and distinguishes a living person from a photograph.
Ultra-luminous camera
Regular IP camera at night
The Secret Top camera with an ultra-luminous matrix allows you to get a color picture even at night with the slightest light source
Company's personal account
Sending push notifications
and stories to a resident's mobile app
key system
Debt administration: remote disconnection of the analog intercom
Voice greeting of a resident
in the name of your company

API for integration
with billing
Video archive in the
cloud for 5 days
24/7 technical
and analytics
Mobile App
3 in 1: smart intercom, video surveillance, smart gate
Remote door opening
from the App
A ready-made application with customizing the interface to your brand
Face Contour
Face Contour
Audio and video calls
from the intercom in the App
Simple authorization